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In the time that I have had the pleasure of working with Tina, I have found that she has helped me to bring a sharper focus and clarity to issues that are often muddied by the fast-paced, uncertain and complex world in which we live.

Our work together is not just about enhancing traditional leadership skills and competencies, but more around how to bring agility, openness and dynamic thinking to the fore.

The coaching space provides a vital time for reflection and enable me to pay more attention to my own self-care, which ultimately leads to my having increased levels of energy and presence that I can apply to my various roles and teams.
— Rob Facer - CEO, Intueri

I have sought Alyson’s expertise several times over the last few years in her capacity as leadership coach. Every leader that I have paired up with Alyson has been unanimous in their feedback of her. That being, she excels at coaching at the highest level and her personable, confidential and pragmatic approach has proved immensely rewarding for those she has supported.
— Mark Ashton - GM people support- operations and continuous improvement, Retail

Tina is an incredibly insightful executive coach. She challenges you to look at your inner struggles, uncertainties & strengths (your stories about you and the world around you) and helps to shift your mindset... allowing you to operate from a more balanced and holistic place. She is thoroughly professional, committed to providing clients with a supportive yet challenging experience, and is highly adaptable in her approach.
— Monica Briggs - CEO - YWCA Auckland

Tina has enabled me to discover my core values and taught me how these influence both my decisions and happiness from those decisions.

She has enabled me to look at my life and compare it against my own values and guided me to articulate my life’s vision as well as formulate an action plan for my life goals so as to be most fulfilled.

From this I have been able to be calm in otherwise stressful/uncertain situations.
— Warwick Gray - Manufacturing Manager, Sleepmaker

Owning and running a business with 15 staff is quite a challenge when you have never done it before. After 18 months of working in the business, I decided that I needed a plan to see me start working on the business.

Tina was the obvious choice to facilitate my smooth transition from being a corporate manager to a business owner. Having experienced Tina’s coaching skills previously, it was a simple decision to enlist her services again. Her corporate background, business acumen, and strong leadership skills ensured that we cut through the noise and quickly got to the root of most issues I was facing.

Tina helped me:
• move from overwhelm to more calm and confidence as I navigated through a new territory of running a business and leading people
• to focus on what matters most and stay grounded
• work “on” my business rather than defaulting to working on the detail in the business
• articulate a vision, mission and values in a way that felt authentic and helped the company become more aligned and accountable.

The net result of this has been a clear idea of what myself and the business are capable of achieving and how to achieve it.
— Gina Collins - Director, Image Glass Limited

I worked with Tina over one year while I stepped into my new position as General Manager of HarperCollins Publishers New Zealand. It was like Tina switched on my leadership DNA.

Working with Tina, I came to understand better what I can’t and can control and was able to put my focus and energy on the latter. This enabled me to operate from a space of greater calm and clarity.

As a leader, I’ve gained the strength to trust my instincts, become genuinely self-assured (rather than presenting a front) and I can now look at my work in the overall context of my life, which has made me happier and more purposeful.

From a business perspective, my enhanced leadership skills, increased self awareness and confidence enabled me to successfully juggle the complexities of leading the business and its people through a challenging restructure and transition without the overwhelm that often accompanies such events.
— Graham Mitchell - General Manager, HarperCollins

I was 41, working full time as the group merchandising manager at Paper Plus. I was also a mum to a 5 and 2-year-old. I had no idea where I wanted to be in 5 years’ time and felt completely overwhelmed with the demanding work environment and its constant changes and challenges.

From my first session, I felt a strong connection with Tina and felt safe enough to open up and be honest about what was really going on for me. Tina is a great listener and somehow manages to ask just the right thought-provoking questions. She can also be direct and challenging when she thinks I need it, yet does so in a caring and supportive way.

Whilst I have done some great and insightful work around my leadership challenges, the most profound insights and “aha moments” I have had with working with Tina has got me wanting to go even beyond this to asking the deeper more meaningful questions… ‘who am I, what is my purpose and what is life all about?’

The way I perceive myself and the world around me has shifted and I am more self-aware, especially about how my presence impacts those around me. Getting clear on my personal values has increased my self-confidence and helps me make better decisions when faced with conflicting priorities.

A year down the track and I know I am a calmer person leading a much more prioritised life both at home and at work. Whilst things still get crazy and chaotic, I have a new perspective, clarity and focus which enables me to stand back, observe and proactively manage these situations without becoming too entangled. My journey with Tina will continue into the future and I know it will help me lead a bigger more fulfilled life.
— Megan Webster - Group Merchandising Manager – Paper Plus Group

I was looking for a very special coach to assist with my next stage career planning. What I actually got with Tina was a professional, dedicated and holistic exploratory approach to my whole life.

Tina challenged me, supported me and ensured the depth of conversations gave real meaning to my personal development. Yes, we eventually discussed career; but in the context and level of importance given my life stage.

The experience with Tina was rewarding and fulfilling. I am now in a place of understanding where I am confident I know more about who I am, what I am actually going to do, but also about what I truly value in my life. Thank you Tina!
— Sue Beckett - Human Resources Manager - Environmental Health Management Services

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